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Ancient Greek

Uncertain. Multiple theories have been put forth.

Beekes declares it to be a Pre-Greek Mediterranean substrate borrowing, comparing it with Hittite [script needed] (mahla, grape).

Kroonen (2016) reconstructs a byform *smh₂l-, from which he also derives Hittite [script needed] (šam(a)lu-, apple). He also connects this word with Proto-Kartvelian *msxal- (pear) and proposes that the Indo-European words may have come from a metathesis of that Kartvelian word.

However, Fenwick (2016) argues for an Indo-European origin of both μῆλον and [script needed] (šam(a)lu-, apple), deriving them from Proto-Indo-European *meh₂-. She proposes the existence of an -l- deverbal suffixed onto that root (which she concludes also occurred when Proto-Germanic *wibilaz (weevil) was derived from *webʰ-), leading to a new root.