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Dialectal variant (akin to dialectal Swedish natt-batta) of Middle English bakke, balke, from North Germanic. Compare Old Swedish natbakka, Old Danish nathbakkæ (literally night-flapper), Old Norse leðrblaka (literally leather-flapper).


From Late Latin battō, from Latin battuō. Compare Daco-Romanian bate, bat.


Compared by Eduardo Orduña and Joan Ferrer to Iberian ban (one).

Middle Dutch

From Old Dutch *bath, from Proto-Germanic *baþą.

Middle English

From Old English batt, from Celtic; influenced by Old French batte.

Old English

From Proto-Germanic *baitaz. Related to Old Norse beit. Old Norse bátr (Icelandic bátur) is a borrowing from Old English; German Boot and Dutch boot are loans from the Middle English descendant.

Old French

Borrowed from Old English bāt.


From Proto-Slavic *batъ.


From Proto-Slavic *batъ.


From Proto-Tai *peːtᴰ (eight), from Middle Chinese (MC pˠɛt̚, “eight”). Cognate with Lao ແປດ (pǣt), Lü ᦶᦔᧆᧈ (ṗaed1), Shan ပႅတ်ႇ (pàet), Thai แปด (bpɛ̀ɛt).