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From Middle English ende, from Old English ende, from Proto-Germanic *andijaz (compare Dutch einde, German Ende, Norwegian ende, Swedish ände), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂entíos (compare Old Irish ét (end, point), Latin antiae (forelock), Albanian anë (side), Ancient Greek ἀντίος (antíos, opposite), Sanskrit अन्त्य (antya, last)), from *h₂entíos (front, forehead). More at and and anti-.

The verb is from Middle English enden, endien, from Old English endian (to end, to make an end of, complete, finish, abolish, destroy, come to an end, die), from Proto-Germanic *andijōną (to finish, end), denominative from *andijaz.


From Proto-Albanian *(h)aunt-, from Proto-Indo-European *h2eu- 'to plait, weave'.


From Old Norse enn, from Proto-Germanic *andi, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂entí.


From Middle Dutch ende with apocope of the final -e.

Middle English

From Old English ende.


From Old High German enti, from Proto-Germanic *andijaz.