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From Middle English lax, from Old English leax (salmon), from Proto-Germanic *lahsaz (salmon), from Proto-Indo-European *laḱs- (salmon, trout). Cognate with Middle Dutch lacks, lachs, lasche (salmon), Middle Low German las (salmon), German Lachs (salmon), Norwegian laks (salmon), Danish laks (salmon), Swedish lax (salmon), Icelandic lax (salmon), Lithuanian lašišà (salmon), Latvian lasis, Russian лосо́сь (losósʹ, salmon), Albanian leshterik (eel-grass). See also lox.


From Latin laxus


Old Norse lax, from Proto-Germanic *lahsaz.


From Proto-Italic *laks, from the same source as laciō (entice).

Middle English

From Old English leax, from Proto-Germanic *lahsaz.

Old Norse

From Proto-Germanic *lahsaz.


From Old Norse lax, from Proto-Germanic *lahsaz. The 1000kr meaning comes from the color of the 1000kr bill which was the same color as a salmon.