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From Middle English same, from Old Norse samr (same) and/or Old English same, sama (same) in the phrase swā same (swā) (in like manner, in the same way (as)), both from Proto-Germanic *samaz (same), from Proto-Indo-European *somHós (same). Cognate with Scots samin (same, like, together), Dutch samen (together), Danish samme (same), Swedish samma (same), Norwegian Bokmål samme (same), Norwegian Nynorsk same (same), Gothic 𐍃𐌰𐌼𐌰 (sama), a weak adjectival form, Ancient Greek ὁμός (homós, same), Old Irish som, Russian са́мый (sámyj), Sanskrit सम (samá), Persian هم (ham, also, same).

Norwegian Nynorsk

From Northern Sami sápmi.