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From Middle English sor, from Old English sār (ache, wound, noun) and sār (painful, grievous, adjective), from Proto-Germanic *sairą (noun) (compare Dutch zeer (sore, ache), Danish sår (wound)), and *sairaz (sore, adjective) (compare German sehr (very)), from Proto-Indo-European *sh₂eyro-, enlargement of *sh₂ey- (to be fierce, afflict) (compare Hittite [script needed] (sāwar, anger), Welsh hoed (pain), Ancient Greek αἱμωδία (haimōdía, sensation of having teeth on edge)).


From Latin supra.


From Latin sōl, sōlem (compare Romanian soare); from Proto-Italic [Term?], from pre-Italic *sh₂wōl, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *sóh₂wl̥. Compare Romanian soare.


From Indonesian sore.

Middle English

From Old French seür.