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From Middle English steire, staire, stayre, stayer, steir, steyre, steyer, from Old English stǣġer (stair, staircase), from Proto-Germanic *staigriz (stairs, scaffolding), from Proto-Indo-European *steygʰ- (to walk, proceed, march, climb). Cognate with Dutch steiger (a stair, step, wharf, pier, scaffolding), Middle Low German steiger, steir (scaffolding), German Low German Steiger (a scaffold; trestle). Related to Old English āstǣġan (to ascend, go up, embark), Old English stīġan (to go, move, reach; ascend, mount, go up, spring up, rise; scale), German Stiege (a flight of stairs). More at sty.


From Latin historia. Doublet of stór.