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From Middle English steppen, from Old English steppan (to step, go, proceed, advance), stepe (step), from Proto-Germanic *stapjaną (to step), *stapiz (step), from Proto-Indo-European *stÁb-, *stÁbʰ-, *stemb-, *stembʰ- (to support, stomp, curse, be amazed). Cognate with West Frisian stappe (to step), North Frisian stape (to walk, trudge), Dutch stappen (to step, walk), Walloon steper (to walk away, leave), German stapfen (to trudge, stomp, plod) and further to Slavic Polish stąpać (to stomp, stamp, step, tread), Russian ступать (stupatʹ) and Polish stopień (step, stair, rung, degree), Russian степень (stepenʹ). Related to stamp, stomp.



Borrowed from English step (footrest on a bicycle).