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From Middle English trewe, from Old English trīewe, (Mercian) trēowe (trusty, faithful), from Proto-Germanic *triwwiz (compare Saterland Frisian trjou (honest), Dutch getrouw and trouw, German treu, Norwegian and Swedish trygg (safe, secure’), from pre-Germanic *drewh₂yos, from Proto-Indo-European *drewh₂- (steady, firm) (compare Irish dearbh (sure), Old Prussian druwis (faith), Ancient Greek δροόν (droón, firm)), extension of *dóru (tree). More at tree.

For the semantic development, compare Latin robustus (tough) from robur (red oak).


From Old Norse þrúga

Norwegian Bokmål

From Old Norse þrúga

Norwegian Nynorsk

From Old Norse þrúga